Day 5: Places to go








the movies

the lakefront


Steak ‘n’ Shake








St. Louis




Day 5: Places to go

Day 4: Books

Books to Read:


The Harry Potter Series

The Hobbit

Lord of the Rings

DNS and Bind

The Bible (yes, you [and I] should read all of it)

Steve Jobs’ Autobiography

Powershell for Beginners

The Man in the White Suit: The Stig

The Art of War

Scott Walker’s Wisconson (shameless plug for my friend Cindy Kilkenny’s book)



Any and all Sherlock Holmes

Digital SLR Crash Course



Day 4: Books

Day 3: Words to live by

Words I choose live by:

“Do or do not. There is no try”

“I am the way, and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”
-Jesus, as recorded in The Gospel of John, Chapter 14, Verse 6

“I love you”
-Holly Hohner

“Printers suck. You will hate printers.”
-Mick Brentar

“You are healthy. Buy a motorcycle and drink more Scotch.”
-Dr. Paul Zuzick (my doctor)

“We know each other! He’s a friend from work!”

“I can do this all day”
-Captain America, Steve Rodgers

“I am Groot”

Day 3: Words to live by

Writing challenge, day 2: People who inspire me

Continuing with the writing challenge, the following people inspire me:

Riyan Littlefield: a close friend of mine who works in youth ministry, and pours everything he has his students. Also, huge pop culture nerd, and my go to for anything I don’t quite understand about the Marvel Universe.

Vivienne Gucwa: New York City based photographer. I love her cityscape photos of New York and other travels as a brand ambassador for Sony photo gear.

My wife, Holly: she accepts challenges head on, formulates a plan, and makes it happen. She is a great encouragement to me. Also puts up with my shenanigans and keeps me focused.

Mick Brentar: a teacher and friend of mine in the IT industry. Mick built himself up from nothing to be a respected member of the IT community and loves to pass that knowledge on to others. Also a huge MCU nerd.

Brian Lohnes: voice of the NHRA at the track, and all around gearhead. I met Brian in person last fall while he was call Hot Rod Drag week. His passion for drag racing is unparalleled. In addition to calling the action at the track for the NHRA, he also calls a number of smaller events across the country, is chief, cook and bottle washer of, and hosts and writes the program “Put Up or Shut Up” on Motor Trend on Demand.

Chris Lippert: another close friend who is an All-American badass. Former Coast Guard, gearhead, troublemaker, geek, and great guy.


Writing challenge, day 2: People who inspire me



All you need is love, we’re told.

With the outcome of yesterday’s election, I’m seeing a range of emotions from my friends.

Some are thrilled with the result; others are fearful.

Eight years ago, I was afraid of what an Obama presidency held for the country. In my adult life, I had never had a president who’s policies I opposed as much as Obama. Now, with Obama’s presidency drawing to a close, America has withstood his time in office, just as it will withstand a Trump presidency.

I’m not here to tell you that everything will be alright; hell, I didn’t vote for either major party candidate.

I’m here to say that as a fellow human, I love you. I may disagree with you, but I will love you.

It does scare me that some people will be emboldened to act like the assholes they are, but when they do, I will stand up for you.

We don’t have to agree on everything to get along with each other. Stop, listen to one another, and learn from those around you.

It is not the President’s job to micromanage the country; the President is to set policy with the approval of Congress and enforce it.

It’s our job to care for each other, to be kind to each other, to love each other.